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COO Program

Grooming Future Chief Operating Officers

COO Title Photo The COO Development Program is a way to launch a career as a hospital administrator. As an Associate COO at an assigned HCA-affiliate entity, each participant in the COO Development Program works in tandem with an Executive Mentor to gain on-the-job experience, which is complemented by periodic projects, workshops and seminars held at the company’s corporate headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

COO Development Program associates assume line responsibility and authority for the administrative direction, evaluation and coordination of designated departments as determined by their mentors. Associates are responsible for ensuring that the objectives, activities and results of their assigned departments are aligned with the overall needs of their assigned entities.

Additionally, Associate COOs may represent senior leadership in the coordination of entire portions of the organization in the absence of the hospital CEO or COO. Once the mentor and the program director deem an Associate ready for promotion, that associate begins interviewing for open COO positions throughout the enterprise.

General Responsibilities of the Associate Administrator

  • Complete an executive assessment tool prior to starting the program as a guide for goals and executive development.
  • Complete facility-training assignments and scheduled training seminars at HCA.
  • The Associate and CEO mentor must work together to ensure that all assigned work and assignments have a development component to it.
  • Lead teams or units to enhance product or service quality.
  • Drive business towards enhanced product or service quality.
  • Build strategic alliances and partnerships within the organization to collaboratively execute business strategies.
  • Effectively incorporate customer perspectives in all business activities.

“The commitment to the program from top company executives is evident in the resources they dedicate to the program, with many of them actively participating as mentors and in other roles.”

Brent Hubbard, Associate AdministratorCentennial Medical CenterNashville, Tennessee

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